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What is ITU ry?

ITU ry is the subject association for Early Childhood Education students in the Tampere university. Our main goals are to organise activities and events for our members, support students and help them with the student’s trusteeship. We welcome all of EDU’s international students to join our events and activities

Since our international students are assigned to the faculty of education and not into a specific student association, all EDU’s international organizers work and take care of the tutees together with our amazing international tutors.

Other student associations in the Faculty of Education:

Mentor ry (life long learning and education students)

OKA ry (class teacher students)

Tamaus ry (subject teacher students)

You can find us in The Faculty of Education and Culture in Virta-building (Åkerlundinkatu 5).

If you have any questions of what we do, how to become a member or about international tutoring, you can contact the international organizer of ITU, Milja Korpi (