A Dictionary

Explanations for some words you’ll hear frequently.

Fuksi = a first year student

Itulainen = a member of ITU ry

Tuutori = A tutor is a student who helps you in the beginning of your studies. Tutors will organize many events in the first weeks for the newcoming students.

Fuksiviikot = The first weeks of university with a lot of cool events.

Haalarit = Student overalls, all the student associations have their own colors on the overalls, ITU has green overalls. (Although there are other associations with green overalls as well.) The overalls will be ordered in the autumn and students usually wear them in parties and events.

Haalarimerkki = Overall patch. You can sew badges on your overalls, you can get them from the events or order some online.

Hallitus = Student association board. ITU’s hallitus meets once in a month to discuss and make decisions concerning the association. All our members are welcome to join the meetings. You can check the members of our board here https://itublogi.wordpress.com/hallitus/hallitus-2019/ . Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Ainejärjestö = Student association. Here you can check out the organizations operating within TREY: https://trey.fi/en/associations/associations-operating-within-trey

SOOL (Suomen opettajiksi opiskelevien liitto) = Teacher Student Union of Finland

TREY = the Student Union of Tampere University

Tuni = Tampere University

Tamk = Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Moro-laulu = ITU’s own song. Every year the first year students will add a new verse to the song.


Hämeenkadun appro = Students from all over Finland gather to Tampere in autumn to go around bars and buy drinks to get stamps on their passes. Once the pass is full you will get an overall badge and there is an afterparty.

Itula = Itula is ITU’s event held in the University during the school once in a month where we will provide some snacks and drinks, and of course, good company.

Sitsit = a very Finnish student event in which students gather together to drink and sing drinking songs together. There’s usually a theme, for example once we had Black and White sitsit.

Viinailta = ITU’s event where we usually gather to some club house to drink and hang out with each other.

Pikkujoulut = As a tradition a group of ITU’s first year students will organize a ”pre-christmas party” where every year group will have their own performance.

Talvipäivät = Teacher Student Union of Finland organizes ”Winter days” every year in a different city. Talvipäivät is a two day event for all the teacher students in Finland. Next year it will be held in Jyväskylä, central Finland.

Vuosijuhlat = A fancy event to celebrate the student association’s anniversary. Usually the guests wear evening dresses or suits and have a nice dinner and of course an afterparty. ITU celebrates its anniversary in every three years, last time in spring 2019 when it turned 63 years old.

Wappu = Wappu is a two weeks long student event which is held every year, ending on 1st of May when we celebrate Vappu in Finland. There are different kind of events organized every day during those two weeks.

Kolmiot = Kolmiot is a student party for all the students in Tampere and is held once in a month in the bar Ranta.

Haalaribileet = Haalaribileet is a party for all the students in Tampere and is held once in a month in the nightclub Ilona

Pistot = A monthly student party for all the students but more popular among the sudents of the university of applied scienses.


Virta = The building where the faculty of education and culture is located. Most of our studies are there.

Päätalo = The main building of the university.

Linna = Another building on the central campus. In Linna you can find the library and one of the restaurants.

Pinni A&B = Also buildings on the central campus

Pinni C = A bar called Passion located close to the campus.

Kauppi = Kauppi is one of the University’s campuses.

Hervannan kampus = One of the campuses which is located in Hervanta and where the technical students (teekkarit) study.

Edu’s Cafe = A hang out or study place for the students located in the 3rd floor of Virta. Itula and some other events are held there.

Edula = Another study or hangout place in Virta 3rd floor.

Atalpa = The sport place in University. If you buy the membership you can attend on of the many classes or go to the gym in any of the campuses. Read more here: https://sites.tuni.fi/sportuni-en/

Sorsapuisto = A park close to the University, a nice place to gather together for example to a picnic.