Orientation Week Events

In the beginning of the school year the student tutors will organize a lot of events where the new students can get to know each other, tutors and other students and associations. Here’s a timetable of the events. More info will be send to you by email. You are welcome to join even if you are not a member of ITU ry yet!

Autumn 2019


  • Mon 19.8. First date in a park
  • Tue 20.8. Dinner and evening hangout
  • Wed 21.8. Campus and City Tour
  • Thu 22.8. Boardgames during the day and very Finnish drinking games in the evening
  • Fri 23.8 Trip to the forest
  • Mon 26.8. Excursion to IKEA, a big furniture shop
  • Tue 27.8. Outdoor games
  • Thu 29.8. Fuksikaste, an event where groups go round checkpoints and do different kind of tasks.


  • Thu 5.9. Fuksiaiset – similiar to Fuksikaste but usually with a certain theme.
  • Tue 10.9. Opening picnic of the University
  • Thu 12.9. Kämppäappro of Hervanta – A race where groups go to tutors apartments or some other places in Hervanta and perform tasks.
  • Tue 24.9. Eduappro – An event organized together with other student associations from the faculty of education and culture.

Welcome to join!!