For New Students

Hello and welcome to Tampere University!

First of all we invite all of the new students to join our Facebook group: If the link doesn’t work the name of the group is Varhaiskasvatuksen fuksit 2019 Tampere.

ITU ry

ITU ry is the student association for Early Childhood Education students in Tampere University and we welcome all the new students to join us. Joining to the student association is highly recommendated but not mandatory.

If you are an international student (exchange or master dregree) in the faculty of education and want to join our student association you can apply by filling in this form:

What are the benefits of joining to ITU ry?

  • You can join our amazing events or maybe even apply to the Event committee where you can help to organize events.
  • You will be added to the email list where we share important information for example about events and you will get the weekly newsletter.
  • You can join Itulaiset-Facebook group where we also share events.
  • You can get help with educational affairs.
  • You can order and wear our green student overalls.
  • As a member of ITU ry you can also join the Teacher Student Union in Finland, you can read more here:
  • You can apply as a student tutor.
  • You can apply to the board of our association and take part in the meetings.

Even without joining you are welcome to the events on the orientation week! Check out the events:

What does it cost?

The membership fee is 12 euros for one year OR 30 euros for three years.

How do I join?


First: Send email to our secretary Tyyne Mäkeläinen ( including following things:

  • Your full name
  • Municipality you are registered in
  • Your university email
  • Your basic number account
  • Year you started your studies

Second: Pay the membership fee

  • Account number: FI35 4726 0010 0068 36
  • Receiver: ITU ry
  • Due date: Today
  • Reference number: 1 00010
  • Amount: 12 euros/30 euros

We highly recommend you to join also the Student Union of Tampere Unversity, TREY! You will get a lot of benefits, for example the student card with a lot of discounts. Check more here